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Peninsula READS English for Speakers of Other Languages, or ESOL, program works primarily with foreign-born adults learning to read, write and speak English fluently. ESOL learners may be new to the country and need to learn and/or improve English skills to obtain citizenship, carry on conversations, to seek or better employment, or to enter secondary training.  Many learners come to us already having college degrees from their native countries, but they need their English skills improved upon in order to obtain similar credentials in the United States.

ESOL learners are initially tested using the standardized BEST Plus test to determine a baseline for both placement reasons and as a measure for future progress.  A $45.00 intake fee is required at the initial appointment. Learners, after being assessed, identify their goals and are placed in a class with other learners at a similar level.  The typical ESOL class is approximately 3-8 students and are conducted by trained volunteer tutors.  Groups must meet in a public space; Peninsula READS’ offices and public libraries make for ideal locations.  Periodically learners are reassessed to note progression and identify any challenges that the learner may be dealing with.  With the exception of intake, all services are free to the learner.

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